Twitter Chats for Food Enthusiasts

As a Twitter enthusiast, you must be familiar about the use of hashtags. You may have used it to share your pictures, to express your feeling or to define a specific category. As a result, you will be able to look for a specific hashtag on the search bar. Then, you will see other users who share the same interest on your specific topic by using the same hashtag. It’s pretty cool to see how hashtags can make us all connected on Twitter. But, aside from all of these features, hashtags are also useful to create “Twitter chats.” Twitter chats is set for a specific time so that all the enthusiasts can tune together at the same time. It’s very convenient. Literally, you don’t need to be in front of your computer to join the chat; instead, you can always be on-the-go with a Twitter app on your mobile phone. If you miss a session, you can easily search the hashtag to overlook previous conversations. Overall, the whole process is very simple; yet, very engaging.

Hashtags (“#” Symbol)
Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages – Twitter.

So, what are  your benefits in joining Twitter Chats:

  • You can easily ask questions to the moderator of the Twitter chat regarding the topic
  • You can interact with other followers of the hashtag while sharing some information between each other
  • Be up to date with the trend on your topic within the hashtag community of that specific chat
  • You can expand your network within your topic of interest
  • You can improve your communication skills on social media
  • Perhaps, if you are an expert on the topic, you can be the next guest speaker for the chat
  • Have fun talking about your interest with the other members
  • Serendipity! You’ll never know what you’ll get from this experience

As a foodie myself, I have compiled some of the best hashtag options for Twitter chats on food. They are #HGEATS, #SundaySupper, and #Foodiechats. Although the Twitter chats may not specifically reside on the food topic around NYC, perhaps there will be some New Yorkers who respond to your specific questions. Keep it open minded!

1. The Hungry Goddess
Twitter: @HGEATS

The blog is created by Kimberly Moore where she is the Hungry Goddess herself. She’s a foodie, food writer, recipe creator, and co-founder of #HGEATS Twitter chat. Most of the recipes on the blogs were created by her. So if you are craving for some new recipes, The Hungry Goddess can definitely satisfy your craving. All the photos look very tasty and delicious. Join the chat every Wednesday from 12-1pm EST where you can talk about anything on food by using the #HGEATS hashtag

2. Family Foodie
Twitter: @FamilyFoodie
“Bringing back Sunday supper around the family table” – Family Foodie.

Family Foodie is a great for someone who’s looking for home cook recipes. As you can see from the slogan, Family Foodie is all about how to create a great Sunday meal. Each entry is very personal; I can sense the family love on every piece. The photos look delicious as well. It makes me want to cook some of the recipes. If you are interested, join #SundaySupper chat every Sunday when you can share recipes, tips and suggestions about creating a great Sunday supper meal for your family at home. You can contact Family Foody directly at for more information.

3. Foodie Chats
Twitter: @FoodieChats

The #FoodieChats hashtag was created by Steve Green, President of NetUpNow (hyperlink). Each chat revolves around different theme, but still solely related to food. The chat’s host @SteveGOgreen will then ask ten questions about that particular theme. I would say it’s pretty interactive. Its tumblr page has featured some amazing dishes from well reputable restaurants. It ranges from different types of comfort food. But again, every picture looks so delicious! If you are interested in joining #FoodieChats Twitter Chats, you may do so  today since Foodie Chats engages with its audiences almost every day. In fact, to celebrate its one-year anniversary on the hashtag, Foodie Chats community will have a live tweet event from restaurants across America. Perhaps, one of them is located somewhere around Manhattan. Follow @FoodieChats on Twitter to keep you updated on this upcoming event!

Lastly, for some of you (foodie bloggers) who are interested in establishing a Twitter chat, it is easy to do so. Make sure you’ve established a good hashtag that is eye-catching and easy to remember. Then, you just have to find a perfect time to broadcast the chat and gather your followers altogether. I believe that by establishing a Twitter chat, you’ll be able to promote your blog and yourself as a foodie blogger while interacting with other people who have the same interest as you. So, don’t wait for you to miss this opportunity!