I Love my U.MA.MI!

Foodie by Sybren Stüvel

It’s been four months since I arrived in New York City to continue my graduate study at NYU and I have to say that I am in LOVE with NYC. Despite its differences with LA, in terms of weather and fast paced environment, I am still thinking that my heart belongs to New York City. As days gone by, I have discovered lots of interesting facts of NYC that I wouldn’t have known before. I called it in my memory as “fun facts about New York City.” I guess, it’s true to say that by living in the city I will have a different experience compared to when I am only being a “tourist.” Among the adventures, my journey as a foodie excites me the most. Although I couldn’t really explore the city in four months, I clearly have expanded my foodie list on my Blackberry. And, the list is still growing!

By creating U.MA.MI NYC blog, I have shown my love on food and shared my experience in discovering New York City signature dishes and restaurants. Although this blog was initially made for my social media class assignment (note the “Assignment” category on the side bar), I am glad that I focused my blog theme on food instead of only on social media trends. With the lack of experience that I have in writing a blog, this assignment had pushed me to think outside the box. I am amazed on how many food enthusiasts have participated in social media platforms to promote their blogs, restaurants and online communities. As a result, I’ve learned great things about the foodie world through the whole process especially food blogs and smart phones’ apps that I have discovered to be an ultimate foodie in New York City.

Even though the post was made on a weekly basis, I had a hard time in narrowing down the materials for each post. There are so many things here in NYC that I want to write about. When I am in a cab or walking home from the subway station, I am always aware of my surroundings to see whether or not I would discover  a “new” material for my blog. I would walk slowly, look around and take notes. Otherwise, I would be looking at my foodie apps to punch in my location and see what restaurants are near by.

Despite the end of the semester (and the last blog post to this assignment), I will still continue writing on this blog. The theme will not change, but there will be more restaurants’ reviews coming up! I would like to thank my Professor, Laurel Hart, for giving me the opportunity to work outside my comfort zone and being a good mentor to my blog. The weekly comments that you’ve provided had helped me in improving my writing style, though it’s still far from being perfect. But, so far, this project has been one of my highlights for my first semester of graduate study at NYU.

Once again, thank you for everything Professor Hart. Without you, U.MA.MI NYC would not exist. For the rest of you (especially to those who subscribed), thank you for reading my blog! More exciting posts are coming up, so stay tune for more updates! In the mean time, if you have any suggestions for U.MA.MI NYC please tweet me at @DevianiAryW or send me an email at umami.nyc.blog@gmail.com.