About U.MA.MI

“Good food ends with good talk.” – Geoffrey NeighorNorthern Exposure, Duets, 1993

U.MA.MI (oo-mah-mee) – Japanese origin
“A strong meaty taste imparted by glutamate and certain other amino acids; often considered to be one of the basic taste sensations along with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.” – Dictionary.com

Who doesn’t love food? We all do. But, in a city like NYC, it can be quite hard to find the perfect place to eat. I mean the city has so many places to offer, but how can we find the right restaurant to satisfy our appetite? The word-of-mouth from  surely helped… but sometimes, you just need some assurances that you’ll have the best experience. Thankfully, lots of restaurants today are active participants in social media to promote their brands to the public. As a result, you can easily spot your favorite New York dishes and restaurants!

For a long time, I’ve been a huge fan of New York’s food and restaurants. Every time I came to visit the city, I’ve always had a new “food list” on my Blackberry for which restaurants to visit. It is such a privilege for me to live in the city to continue my adventure while pursuing a M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at NYU. After living in Los Angeles for four years to finish my undergraduate study, I feel that I haven’t found anything with equal comparison to New York’s food and restaurants. Therefore, I am very excited to begin my journey in the Big Apple while trying to fulfill my food checklist on my Blackberry.

Let’s start the journey and welcome to the world of U.MA.MI!

Cheers, Deviani A. W. @DevianiAryW


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